• The Successful Student’s Guide and Syllabus for Cross Country Leadership Academy


    Welcome to the Cross Country Leadership Academy. This course is recommended but not required for athletes participating in the Casteel High School Cross Country program. Students enrolled in this course receive PE credit.  The purpose of this class is to provide the physical and intellectual characteristics needed to be successful at the high school and post-secondary level.


    Instructors: Todd Daniels and Becky Mayhew

    E-mail: daniels.todd@cusd80.com

    Phone: 480-424-8292       

    Web Site: https://www.cusd80.com/Domain/6910

    Room:  J120                                                                   

    Official Course Description: 

    This course is recommended but not required for athletes participating on an official school team. Enrollment will be open to all students participating on the school team.  Counts as 1 PE credit.


    Strength and Skills Training Component:

    Part of the Cross Country class will incorporate Strength instruction provided by Becky Mayhew, our strength and conditioning coach.  Our strength program helps build muscle, stability, and mobility through a sport specific program.  This has been very successful in helping us prevent injuries and recover more quickly.  It also helps us improve running economy as we are more able to run effieicently.  Our goal is to have the best strength and conditioning program in the state. 


    Classwork/Homework: You may be assigned a variety of work, including reading assignments, goal setting, STRAVA workouts, strength work, food and sleep tracking and film viewing.  When not completed in class, classwork becomes homework.  Unless otherwise notified, homework is due at the beginning of the next class period.


    Not every assignment will be collected or graded.  It is in your best interest to complete every assignment on time to assure you’re in class activities are meaningful.  (The goal is to understand the sport of cross country and how to improve and prevent injuries, and to build strength and show improvement) With us, communication is essential, so please talk to us if you are having difficulty completing the class assignments or have anything we should know about.


    What is considered Cheating?

    Copying another student’s classwork or homework is considered cheating.  Any student caught copying will have their paper taken and receive a zero.  The student that allows another student to copy their work will also have their paper taken and receive a zero.  Copying answers from another student during a test or quiz will result in a zero and a referral to the administration for cheating.



    As defined in the student handbook: copying the work of another person and submitting it as your own, obtaining unauthorized or undocumented material from the Internet or other sources, or securing teacher materials or work in a dishonest way are all considered cheating. Refer to the student handbook for disciplinary actions for cheating.


    Student Expectations:

    1. Respect the rights and property of others
    2. Follow directions
    3. Be prepared for class when class begins – dressed out in Casteel PE uniform or Casteel XC shirt and running shorts/tights
    4. No cell phones, headphones, make-up, food, drink (except water), or gum in the activity area
    5. Keep your locker and locker room clean
    6. Students must have the official Casteel High PE uniform or proper cross country attire
    7. Abide by the rules of the CCHS handbook at all times during class


    ***Any offense outlined in the student handbook, supersedes these classroom consequences***




    1. Participation Points – each day of Cross Country Academy is worth 4 points. In order to receive full credit (100%) you must:
      1. Come to class on time with a positive attitude ready to participate
      2. Dress out completely (CCHS PE shirt, tights/shorts, and proper running shoes, RUNNING WATCH is necessary equipment!)
      3. Participate to the best of your ability in the class activities the entire class period
      4. Record your run on Strava or record your strength workout in your training log
    2. Written Work – training log, assignments, quizzes and tests
    3. Absences/Make-up – If you have an EXCUSED absence, see your PE teacher for a make-up assignment/workout. If you do not turn in make-up work, you will lose points for ANY


    Grades will be calculated from the student’s participation, training log, and final exam.  Grades are based on cumulative points per semester and calculated into a percentage.


    Letter grades are based on the following percentages:        

    90% - 100% = A  80% - 89% = B 70% - 79% =  C   60% - 69% =  D 59% & below =  F


    Semester grades are calculated as follows:

    First Quarter and Second Quarter = 80% Final Exam = 20%


    **Parents will have access their child’s grades online through Infinite Campus. You will be receiving information on how to log in.

    Attendance and Makeup Work Standards:

    Absences are limited to 10 class periods per semester (CCHS policy) Credit may be lost at the discretion of the instructor if absences exceed this number. All absences should be reported prior to class. The student will be expected to make up an assessment/assignment within ONE WEEK of their return to class. Failure to make up the assessment/assignment in this time will result in a grade of zero.


    Students are expected to attend class every day. In the event of an EXCUSED absence, it is the responsibility of the STUDENT to seek make-up work, INCLUDING any assessments. If a student is absent on the day anything is due, that assignment is due the next day the student is in attendance.  Any work assigned in a student’s absence will be due following the number of days missed. Without proper notification, any assignment not turned in on time is considered late and has a 20% credit penalty.

    Tardy Policy

    If you are not in class, you cannot learn the material. When workouts are not completed as directed, improvement will not happen. Therefore, the following tardy policy will be enforced.


    1. On the first tardy you will be reminded of the tardy policy and do 5 burpees for each minute late.
    2. On the second tardy you will get a lunch detention referral and a parent contact
    3. On the third tardy you will receive a referral, a parent phone call and you will receive 3 days lunch detention with escalating consequences on a case by case basis at instructors discretion

    Hall Pass

    Students are expected to be in class.  In the event a student needs to use the facilities, the student must have teacher permission to leave class.  Only one student may be out of the class at any given time. 

    Food/Drink Policy

    Neither food nor drink is allowed in the classroom with the exception of clear water in a clear closable container.  It is suggested that students bring a breakfast with protein after their workout and always have a water bottle so you can hydrate. 

    No gum is allowed on campus



    (NOTE: Updates may be made to this syllabus if academic circumstances change)



    I am committed to giving my students the best learning experience and communication is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication.  Please feel free to contact me for any reason.


    Please also take the time to send me a quick email letting me know the following:

    What I can expect from your student this year?

    How I can best meet/exceed your expectations?

    Is there anything I should be aware of, or keep in mind when working with your student?


    Send the email to: daniels.todd@cusd80.com
    In the subject line, please write your student's first and last name
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